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Michel Parry – The Hounds Of Hell

Posted by demonik on November 18, 2011

Michel Parry (ed.) – The Hounds Of Hell  (Arrow, 1975: originally Victor Gollancz, 1973)

Introduction – Michel Parry

H. P. Lovecraft – The Hound
Ambrose Bierce – Staley Flemming’s Hallucination
Ivan Turgenev – The Dog
Agatha Christie – The Hound Of Death
Manly Wade Wellman – Dead Dog
Catherine Crowe – The Dutch Officer’s Story
Guy de Maupassant – Vendetta
Theo Gift – Dog Or Demon?
Saki – Louis
Fritz Leiber – The Howling Tower
Feodor Sologub – The White Dog
William Faulkner – The Hound
Ray Bradbury – The Emissary
Robert Bloch – The Hound Of Pedro
Ramsey Campbell – The Whining
Dion Fortune – The Death Hound

Prepare to meet… The HOUNDS OF HELL

Piercing, coal-red eyes. Claws and teeth stained with blood. Jaws that slaver at the prospect of a fresh victim.

Buried deep within our unconscious, the savage, primordial image of the Dog-Beast still holds the power to haunt and terrify. Here, from the pens of some of the greatest horror writers of all time, are sixteen nightmare tales to remind you why.

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