Creeping Terror

Arrow: Horror & Supernatural Paperbacks 1959-79

Guy N. Smith – Carnivore

Posted by demonik on June 24, 2020

Guy N. Smith – Carnivore (Arrow, 1990)

“Those who kill the animals which abound on my lands shall forfeit their own lives …’
The first victim to die on the Corby estate is a starving poacher, condemned to a terrible end by both man and beast.
He is not the last.
The mad Earl of Corby’s ancient law has been repealed and blood sports are to be allowed once more on the land. But, the pact with Nature broken, the wildlife turn on their killers. Savage, predatory and murderous, they seek and take revenge on the flesh and blood of those who dare to defy the Corby Curse ….


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Guy N . Smith – Alligators

Posted by demonik on June 12, 2020

Guy N . Smith – Alligators (Arrow, 1987)


Freeing the alligators from the reptile zoo is the very last gesture of defiance by two Animal Rights activists. For, horrifying, the primeval monsters turn on their liberators with savage fury.

Now they have tasted human flesh – they want more. Hiding in the river, they mutilate and devour their unwary victims. Poachers, campers, illicit lovers, straying children … the appalling daily toll of victims increases.

Now men and reptiles must match their strength and cunning in a bloody battle for survival – or death.



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Dennis Wheatley – They Found Atlantis (1958)

Posted by demonik on March 7, 2020

Dennis Wheatley – They Found Atlantis  (Arrow, 1958: originally 1953)

THEY WERE TRAPPED …. 900 fathoms under the sea.

This was the end of their wonderful expedition. Just a few days earlier they had embarked on a search for the lost continent of Atlantis with its rich treasure of gold and precious stones. Now death was just around the corner – they thought, but what awaited them was the most amazing sights and breathtaking adventures ever experienced by human beings.

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Dennis Wheatley – In the Shadow of Tyburn Tree

Posted by demonik on December 30, 2019

Dennis Wheatley – In the Shadow of Tyburn Tree (Arrow, 1963; originally Hutchinson, 1948)



ROGER BROOK on a secret mission to Catherine the Great’s Russia.

In 1788 Roger travelled to the Russia of that bold, beautiful, cultured, licentious woman, Catherine II – justly surnamed ‘the Great’ – for Britain’s youngest Prime Minister, Billy Pitt. How he buried the Sword of Sweden in the dark straw of a dungeon and, overnight, became a Chevalier of the order of Vladimir, makes superbly enthralling reading.

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Dennis Wheatley – Uncharted Seas (1965)

Posted by demonik on December 1, 2019

 Dennis Wheatley – Uncharted Seas (Arrow, 1965)


The ship was doomed. After hurricanes, mutiny and murder, the sight of land brought hopes of succour; but giant killer crabs are tame beside the lusts of creatures that hop across the stinking weed in which the ship lies trapped …..

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Guy N. Smith – Accursed

Posted by demonik on November 4, 2018

 Guy N. Smith – Accursed (Arrow, 1983: originally NEL, 1983)

The Brownlows lived an unremarkable suburban life until the day they found the Egyptian amulet buried in their garden.

Inscribed with ancient writings of ‘Set’. the earliest god of evil. it would unleash a hideous curse…

And they are the powerless victims – in the ultimate holocaust.

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Robert Neill – The Devil’s Door

Posted by demonik on November 4, 2018

Robert Neill – The Devil’s Door (Arrow, 1981: originally Hamilton, 1979)

In those days, during the wars, there was much that many would like to forget.The cry of‘Witch!‘ was everywhere. There was one they thought was a witch: they pulled the clothes off her, and held her down while pins were stuck into her flesh. That was how it was then. . .
But now it is 1662, and King and Church are back in their own. All should be well in the land.
But when the butter won’t churn as Sir Laurence Linley and his household prepare for a wedding, the superstitious begin to talk of witches. With every day that passes, every new illness and every new occurrence, the fear and hysteria build — until the cry of ‘Witch!’ is loud enough to torment the innocent, and drive an entire village to the brink of destruction

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Dennis Wheatley – The Golden Spaniard

Posted by demonik on May 13, 2018

Dennis Wheatley – The Golden Spaniard (Arrow, 1962)


Ten tons of gold – enough to pay a Regular Army of 150,000 for half a year – lies in a Madrid bank. The beautiful Lucretia-Jose de Cordoba y Coralles, The golden Spaniard, fears for its safety. Communists are planning to seize this hoard. They had not reckoned on those Modern Musketeers – de Richeleau, Simon Aron, Richard Eaton & Rez von Ryan – whose rendezvous is always with danger.

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Richard Lewis – Spiders

Posted by demonik on August 25, 2017

Richard Lewis – Spiders (Arrow, 1987)


The Kentish countryside was bathed in golden autumn sunshine. All around lay peace and tranquillity.
Maybe it was too peaceful, too ominously quiet, but who’d complain about that?
Certainly not old Dan Mason, energetically tugging out weeds in his farmhouse garden.
What he’d uncovered there didn’t alarm him.
But it should have. For he’d just released a seething army of death . .

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Dennis Wheatley – Gateway To Hell

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2017

Dennis Wheatley – Gateway To Hell (Hutchinson, 1970: Arrow, 1972, 1974, etc. This edition, June 1974)


The Duke de Richleau and his friends had faced many dangers in Russia, Spain and Nazi Germany. Now a new and unexpected menace confronts them: the fourth, Rex van Ryn is missing -and he has made off with more than a million dollars from the, Buenos Aires branch of his family bank.
Behind the conventional courtesy of Argentinian society lies a conspiracy of terror and silence -and a trail that leads straight to the Devil himself…

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