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Guy N. Smith – Accursed

Posted by demonik on November 4, 2018

 Guy N. Smith – Accursed (Arrow, 1983: originally NEL, 1983)

The Brownlows lived an unremarkable suburban life until the day they found the Egyptian amulet buried in their garden.

Inscribed with ancient writings of ‘Set’. the earliest god of evil. it would unleash a hideous curse…

And they are the powerless victims – in the ultimate holocaust.


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Robert Neill – The Devil’s Door

Posted by demonik on November 4, 2018

Robert Neill – The Devil’s Door (Arrow, 1981: originally Hamilton, 1979)

In those days, during the wars, there was much that many would like to forget.The cry of‘Witch!‘ was everywhere. There was one they thought was a witch: they pulled the clothes off her, and held her down while pins were stuck into her flesh. That was how it was then. . .
But now it is 1662, and King and Church are back in their own. All should be well in the land.
But when the butter won’t churn as Sir Laurence Linley and his household prepare for a wedding, the superstitious begin to talk of witches. With every day that passes, every new illness and every new occurrence, the fear and hysteria build — until the cry of ‘Witch!’ is loud enough to torment the innocent, and drive an entire village to the brink of destruction

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Dennis Wheatley – Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts

Posted by demonik on August 3, 2017

Dennis Wheatley – Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts (Arrow, 1979: originally Hutchinson, 1934)

A Few Words From The Author


The Case of the Thing that Whimpered
The Case of the Long Dead Lord
The Case of the Red-Headed Woman
The Case of the Haunted Chateau


A Life for a Life
In The Fog
The Snake


Black Magic


Orchids On Monday
Special Leave
In The Underground
When The Reds Siezed The City Of Gold
The Born Actor


The Deserving Poor
Love Trap
The Sideboard
The Fugitive King (from Old Rowley. A Very Private Life Of Charles II)
The Red Verdum (The First Siege Of Stalingrad: From Red Eagle

Demons, witches, crooks, spies and kings …. Dennis Wheatley has long been regarded as one of the most compelling authors of modern times – a reputation he owes as much to his passion for accurate detail as to his unerring instinct for plot and character.
This collection is a treasury of Wheatley’s genius: scholarship that rivals imagination, fiction challenged by even stranger fact.

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Dennis Wheatley – They Used Dark Forces (1982)

Posted by demonik on August 3, 2017

Dennis Wheatley – They Used Dark Forces (Arrow 1982)


It is 1943. Gregory Sallust parachutes into Nazi Germany. His mission – to penetrate the secret rocket installations at Peenemunde.
Intelligence reports have spoken of contacts on the ground, war-weary Germans anxious to hasten the end of hostilities. But nothing has prepared him for Ibrahim Malacou: hypnotist, astrologer and disciple of Satan. for both men this is the start of a long, uneasy partnership. And the first in a chain of events that will lead Gregory into the most desperate gamble of his life.

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Dennis Wheatley – Such Power Is Dangerous

Posted by demonik on August 3, 2017

Dennis Wheatley – Such Power Is Dangerous (Arrow, 1973: originally Hutchinson, 1933)

When Avril Bamborough left London with a Hollywood contract, she little thought that she would fall in love with another woman’s fiance, become the head of a great film empire, and face a murder charge.
A group of unscrupulous financiers had determined to gain control of the entire film industry. All opposition to their combine was to be ruthlessly destroyed. Strikes, arson, hired gunmen, were among the weapons they would use.
Yet there were people in the industry, both in America and England who were pre­pared to fight the combine. This was the struggle in which Avril was to become involved and the background to her romances.

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Dennis Wheatley – Star Of Ill-Omen

Posted by demonik on August 3, 2017

Dennis Wheatley – Star Of Ill-Omen (Arrow, 1965: originally Hutchinson, 1955)

Lincoln, ex-Commando and British secret agent, realised that his new assignment was a mission fraught with danger. But he had no idea that he’d be involved with mysterious space ships—or with the beautiful Carmen Escobar, a saint in sinner’s clothing. And there was Anna. Russian —and as svelte as she was deadly.

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Dennis Wheatley – The Scarlet Imposter

Posted by demonik on August 3, 2017

Dennis Wheatley – The Scarlet Imposter (Arrow, 1960: originally Hutchinson, 1940)

When Gregory Sallust landed in wartime Germany he had as much chance of coming out alive as a mouse in a cage of cats. His job was to contact an anti-Nazi organization ready to overthrow Hitler and sue for peace.

Masquerading first as a German General, then as an S.S. Gruppenfuhrer, he stayed the course to the very end. A hundred times he risked death and the vilest tortures.

Each minute he pushed forward with incredible daring, and fought desperately to elude the enemy closing round him.
Typical Wheatley, a thriller of tremendous power supercharged with violent action and terrific suspense.

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Dennis Wheatley – The Prisoner In The Mask

Posted by demonik on August 3, 2017

Dennis Wheatley – The Prisoner In The Mask (Arrow, 1964: originally Hutchinson, 1957)



Duke de Richleau conspires to put a King on the Throne.
This is the story of the youth of Dennis Wheatley’s famous character, Duke de Richleau. He then bore his father’s second title, Count de Quesnoy. The story is set against the glamorous background of Paris in the nineties, when the ladies of the great world had little to think about except their love affairs — and the Count was no mean gallant. The betrayal of the conspiracy brought death to some and left the Count in desperate straits. But instead of des­pairing he declared a vendetta against the Republican Government. How he fought it while being hunted on a charge of murder makes most exciting reading.

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Dennis Wheatley – The Rape Of Venice

Posted by demonik on August 3, 2017

Dennis Wheatley – The Rape Of Venice (Arrow, 1965: originally Hutchinson, 1959)

Passion Intrigue Violence Black Magic.
All the ingredients are here for another action-packed, thrill-laden story of adventure and romance featuring Roger Brook, Prime Minister Pitt’s most resourceful secret agent, one of the most famous characters created by “The Prince of thriller writers.”

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Whitley Strieber – Communion

Posted by demonik on February 20, 2012

Whitley Strieber – Communion   (Arrow, 1988)

Inside cover blurb:
Communion is one man’s powerful testi­mony of his terrifying encounters with creatures – certainly not of human origin –  who invaded his home and rendered him helpless, making him doubt his sanity and fear for his family’s safety.

Whether you will believe his story or not, you will be compelled to read every word as Whitley Strieber takes you to the frontiers of the unknown.

“When you read this incredible story, do not be too sceptical: somewhere in your own past there may be some lost hour or strange recollection that means that you also have had this experience.” – Whitley Strieber

“Communion is the gripping story of one man’s repeated contact with apparent aliens or visitors. Assuming that these events are factual – and I think they are – then we human beings must begin a re-evaluation of ourselves and our place in the universe.” – Dr. M. Bruce Maccabee U.S. NAVY RESEARCH PHYSICIST

“Communion raises more questions for science than a galaxy full of black holes. It is beautifully written and one hell of a good read: a moving and courageous book.”

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