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Davis Grubb – One Foot In The Grave

Posted by demonik on November 21, 2011

Davis Grubb РOne Foot In The Grave  (Arrow, 1966)

Busby’s Rat
The Rabbit Prince
One Foot In The Grave
The Man Who Stole The Moon
Nobody’s Watching
The Horsehair Trunk
The Blue Glass Bottle
Wynken, Blynken, And Nod
Return Of Verge Likens
Where The Woodbine Twineth

One of the finest story-tellers in America, Davis Grubb has a special mastery of horror writing which is indeed horrific in it’s effect. This collection ranges from the title story- in which a severed foot continues to live a hideous existence of its own – to the compelling description of a man being deliberately, and with nasty ingenuity, frightened to death in a barbers chair. Which reminds us of another tale, also in this book – that of a vengeful husband who takes a sharp knife to the wrong throat¬† ….


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