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Dennis Wheatley – In the Shadow of Tyburn Tree

Posted by demonik on December 30, 2019

Dennis Wheatley – In the Shadow of Tyburn Tree (Arrow, 1963; originally Hutchinson, 1948)



ROGER BROOK on a secret mission to Catherine the Great’s Russia.

In 1788 Roger travelled to the Russia of that bold, beautiful, cultured, licentious woman, Catherine II – justly surnamed ‘the Great’ – for Britain’s youngest Prime Minister, Billy Pitt. How he buried the Sword of Sweden in the dark straw of a dungeon and, overnight, became a Chevalier of the order of Vladimir, makes superbly enthralling reading.


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Dennis Wheatley – The Irish Witch

Posted by demonik on November 15, 2011

Dennis Wheatley РThe Irish Witch  (Arrow, 1975)

The HellFire club is being revived – by a sensuous wanton who calls herself the Irish Witch. Once more the titled of the land are being sucked into its vortex of vice and degradation. And among them is Susan, Roger Brook’s young and lovely daughter.

 Soon it will be Walpurgis Night. Soon a ruined castle will echo to the baying of initiates as Susan is led toward an altar Рthere to be ritually violated by the Priest of Satan.


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