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Whitley Strieber – Communion

Posted by demonik on February 20, 2012

Whitley Strieber – Communion   (Arrow, 1988)

Inside cover blurb:
Communion is one man’s powerful testi­mony of his terrifying encounters with creatures – certainly not of human origin –  who invaded his home and rendered him helpless, making him doubt his sanity and fear for his family’s safety.

Whether you will believe his story or not, you will be compelled to read every word as Whitley Strieber takes you to the frontiers of the unknown.

“When you read this incredible story, do not be too sceptical: somewhere in your own past there may be some lost hour or strange recollection that means that you also have had this experience.” – Whitley Strieber

“Communion is the gripping story of one man’s repeated contact with apparent aliens or visitors. Assuming that these events are factual – and I think they are – then we human beings must begin a re-evaluation of ourselves and our place in the universe.” – Dr. M. Bruce Maccabee U.S. NAVY RESEARCH PHYSICIST

“Communion raises more questions for science than a galaxy full of black holes. It is beautifully written and one hell of a good read: a moving and courageous book.”


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Leonard Matters – The Mystery Of Jack The Ripper

Posted by demonik on November 27, 2011

Leonard Matters – The Mystery Of Jack The Ripper  (Arrow, 1964: Originally Hutchinson, 1929)

Through ill-lit streets and squares a killer stalks. His victims, women of the streets. His method of murder, hideous mutilation. How can his thirst for blood be satisfied? Why is he killing – killing – killing?

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Montague Summers – Witchcraft & Black Magic

Posted by demonik on November 19, 2011

Montague Summers – Witchcraft & Black Magic  (Arrow, 1964: originally Rider & Co., 1946)

‘This packed treatise on the cults of Hell’ – The Observer
Witchcraft – the religion of wickedness – did not end in the eighteenth century. For then demonism was rampant in England. Satanists in the highest places joined Hellfire clubs. The celebration of the Black Mass, with its obscene, brutal, impious rites, became a flagrant scandal. The same evils threaten us today from the shadows.

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