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Dennis Wheatley – Uncharted Seas

Posted by demonik on November 14, 2011

Dennis Wheatley – Uncharted Seas  (Arrow, 1960)

illustration: S. R. Boldero

In the face of an Atlantic hurricane, two girls and a boatload of men, of all races and colours, pit their strength against the appalling rigours of the open sea. Tension mounts; so the desirable Synolda is forced into the arms of a man who holds her past as his ace. Only blood can satisfy the hatred in her lover’s eyes.
There is mutiny and murder before the unrelenting Sargasso weed entombs them all. But suddenly land is sighted — land unmarked on the chart, concealing unimaginabli horrors. Killer crabs are tame beside the lusts of the creatures that hop across the stinking weed. Only the two girls, Unity and Synolda, can tell their menfolk the meaning of the iniquitous Marriage House.

The ending of this ship-wreck saga is one that only the imagination of Dennis Wheatley could conjure.


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