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Sapper – The Black Gang

Posted by demonik on November 15, 2011

Sapper – The Black Gang  (Arrow, 1961: originally Hodder & Stoughton, Sept. 1922)


What was The Black Gang? And who was their Leader?

Carl Peterson, that most evil of master-mind criminals, found out to his cost.



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Arthur Swinson – Sergeant Cork’s Casebook

Posted by demonik on November 14, 2011

Arthur Swinson – Sergeant Cork’s Casebook  (Arrow, 1965)

Cover photograph, of actor John Barrie as Sergeant Cork, by courtesy of ATV

The Case Of The Bristol Mail
The Case Of The Public Paragon
The Case Of The Soldier’s Rifle

The television series Sergeant Cork has an audience of mil­lions. Now his cases and adven­tures are adapted to narrative form by a writer who himself created some of the original  scripts.
Here is ‘Corky’ at his brilliant best: shrewd, sagacious, uncon­ventional — a man ahead of his time, a liberal in an illiberal age —a man both loved and feared in the London lit by gaslight.

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Philip Lindsay – The Shadow Of The Red Barn

Posted by demonik on November 14, 2011

Philip Lindsay – The Shadow Of The Red Barn  (Arrow, 1965: originally Hutchinson, 1952)

A world of thieves, sleepers and cardsharpers; an unsparingly realistic picture of the low-life of a city which was, in that day, unquestionably the wickedest in the world.

A tale based on the notorious murder of Maria Marten in the Red Barn at Polstead: but the story is concerned less with the murder itself than with its effect on other people – for the most part unsavoury – who almost by chance find themselves involved ….

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