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August Derleth – Over The Edge

Posted by demonik on November 17, 2011

August Derleth (ed.) – Over The Edge   (Arrow, 1976, originally Arkham House, 1966, Gollancz, 1967)


Artist uncredited. Alun Hood?

William Hope Hodgson – The Crew Of The Lancing
H. R. Wakefield – The Last Meeting Of Two Old Friends
H. P. Lovecraft – The Shadow In The Attic
John Metcalfe – The Renegade
Clark Ashton Smith – Told In The Desert
Frank Belknap Long – When The Rains Came
Robert E. Howard – The Blue Flame Of Vengeance
Jesse Stuart – Crabgrass
Carl Jacobi – Kincaid’s Car
August Derleth – The Patchwork Quilt
Fritz Leiber – The Black Gondolier
J. Vernon Shea – The Old Lady’s Room
Joseph Payne Brennan – The North Knoll
Mary E. Counselman – The Huaco Of Senor Perez
David A. Johnstone – Mr. Alucard
John Pocsik – Casting The Stone
Michael Bailey – Aneaonoshian
J. Ramsey Campbell – The Stone On The Island

A lost ship manned by demons of the sea.
A mass murderer whose spirit returns to kill again.
A deadly Inca curse that spans the centuries.

Here are eighteen nightmarish tales by masters of the macabre, none of which have ever appeared in paperback before.

Tales of horror, madness and the supernatural.

Tales to drive you over the edge.

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