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Arrow: Horror & Supernatural Paperbacks 1959-79

Dennis Wheatley – The Scarlet Imposter

Posted by demonik on August 3, 2017

Dennis Wheatley – The Scarlet Imposter (Arrow, 1960: originally Hutchinson, 1940)

When Gregory Sallust landed in wartime Germany he had as much chance of coming out alive as a mouse in a cage of cats. His job was to contact an anti-Nazi organization ready to overthrow Hitler and sue for peace.

Masquerading first as a German General, then as an S.S. Gruppenfuhrer, he stayed the course to the very end. A hundred times he risked death and the vilest tortures.

Each minute he pushed forward with incredible daring, and fought desperately to elude the enemy closing round him.
Typical Wheatley, a thriller of tremendous power supercharged with violent action and terrific suspense.

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