Creeping Terror

Arrow: Horror & Supernatural Paperbacks 1959-79

Dennis Wheatley – Such Power Is Dangerous

Posted by demonik on August 3, 2017

Dennis Wheatley – Such Power Is Dangerous (Arrow, 1973: originally Hutchinson, 1933)

When Avril Bamborough left London with a Hollywood contract, she little thought that she would fall in love with another woman’s fiance, become the head of a great film empire, and face a murder charge.
A group of unscrupulous financiers had determined to gain control of the entire film industry. All opposition to their combine was to be ruthlessly destroyed. Strikes, arson, hired gunmen, were among the weapons they would use.
Yet there were people in the industry, both in America and England who were pre­pared to fight the combine. This was the struggle in which Avril was to become involved and the background to her romances.

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