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Anthony Masters – Cries Of Terror

Posted by demonik on November 22, 2011

Anthony Masters (ed) – Cries Of Terror  (Arrow, 1976)

Introduction – Anthony Masters

Thomas Burke – The Hands Of Mr. Ottermole
Saki – The Open Window
H. P. Lovecraft – In The Vault
Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle – The Brazilian Cat
William Hope Hodgson – The Whistling Room
C. M. Eddy – The Loved Dead
Jane Rice – The Idol Of The Flies
John Collier – Thus I refute Beelzy
J. D. Beresford – The Misanthrope
John Keir Cross – Music When Soft Voices Die
W. F. Harvey – August Heat
John Metcalfe – The Bad Lands
M. R. James – A School Story
W. W. Jacobs – The Interruption


One Response to “Anthony Masters – Cries Of Terror”

  1. Terry Wells said

    Great bunch of stories in general, although I personally can’t stand H. P. Lovecraft, so had to trudge through “In the Vault”, the obligatory offering by the master of ridiculously long paragraphs and zero dialogue. “The Brazilian Cat’, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, took a while to jump start but once it did it went along nicely. Saki’s “The Open Window” is a great story but my favourite among this lot was the wacky “The Misanthrope” by J. D. Beresford.

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