Creeping Terror

Arrow: Horror & Supernatural Paperbacks 1959-79

Geoffrey Bennett – This Creeping Evil

Posted by demonik on November 18, 2011

Geoffrey Bennett – This Creeping Evil  (Arrow, 1963)

“Then from out of that shapeless mass there came towards us a long tentacle. In colour it was the same as the monster’s body. In dimensions it conformed to its vast measurements. It must have been a hundred feet in diameter. I soon had reason to know that its length was at least three miles. And it was like a single tentacle from a giant octopus except that at the extreme end was a large, circular …. but I am at a loss to describe it. It was neither hand, nor paw, nor webbed foot; it was a horrible combination of all three.

“‘Christ!” I shouted blasphemously.
“For God’s sake shift target, Number One, shoot at the damned thing, and hit it, man — HIT IT!”‘


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